About RC

9, Aug, 2010


Joe - Vocals, Bass
Tony - Drums, vocals
Paul - Guitars, vocals

we saw a lots of punk bands, and in the 1996 we start with our

I Rodeo Clown sono una punk/rock/surf band di Sassari, formatasi nel Dicembre 1996. In 17 anni di attività la band ha autofinanziato la produzione 10 album di inediti, di cui uno (Famous On Mars, 2002) con la produzione artistica del bluesman genovese Paolo Bonfanti, e ha intrapreso un’incessante attività live, valicando spesso i confini della propria regione con incursioni nel nord Italia e anche all’estero (per sette volte in tour in UK).

RODEO CLOWN is a very up beat & fun sounding Punk Rock band out of Italy. These guys play some really good Punk Rock that has a touch of the 70’s styled Punk music. I loved this era of Punk music so I really got into this band. I do hear some influences of new school Punk mixed with old school as well.The guitars reminded me of RANCID, the vocals reminded me of THE ATARIS, while the rest of the band reminded me of THE RAMONES & SLOPPY SECONDS combined. If your a fan of any or all of the above mentioned bands, then your gonna love this band!!!” - Burt Wolf
- California Is Over But
Platamona Never Ends (2014)

- Punk Uke ‘n’ Roll (2012)

- Shit (2011)

- Out Of Tuna (2007)

- 1 Hangover 4 2
(split con i Saving Grace 2006)

- Rodeo Clown (2005)

- Led Zeppelin Tree (2004)

- The Avril Lavigne Ep
(split con i Mellon Bank, 2004)

- Famous On Mars (2002)

- Living For Sunday (2002)

- Under Meow Meow Effect (2000)